Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Fresh New Organized Year!

January First  is always a very exciting day.  For me, it marks the first day of a new year full of promise and hope, fresh starts, new goals, an opportunity to do better and be better.  I mark it the day I begin to release clutter of mind (stress), body (stealthy extra pounds) and environment (have you seen my studio lately?)

This entire week I've been ORGANIZING!  What joy! At home,  I've been purging, cleaning, sorting and pressing!  Who does that anymore? (I got fabulous new steam iron from my Father-in-Law this Christmas.)

What I have concluded is that we have way too much of everything.  I say this all the time and yet I continue to visit the dollar section at the local Target filling up my cart with more gift bags, cute sticky note pads, fun pencils.....

At the studio, I've been doing the same. I shelved, inventoried and organized my fabric stash. Cleaned!  Swept! Dusted! And, thanks to the Beehive's bi-annual warehouse sale (January 21-29) I will be purging next week: fabric remnants, unused trims, old inventory, etc.....  Aaahhh.... I feel so light.  May you all have a happy, healthy, crafty and light NEW YEAR!

See more of my studio here!

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