Sunday, July 29, 2012

Happy Trails

That's me on my horse-for-the-week Giego.  That's Ron the wrangler adjusting the watchamacallit. 
The sky looked just like this the whole week!

Just got back from an amazing vacation!  We spent ten wonderful days in Colorado-- seven of which were on a DUDE ranch!  Yesiree....we rode horses, hiked, fished and ate alot! It was an all inclusive set up where someone else (in this case an awesome chef)  actually did the cooking all day long!  All I had to do was show up when that big bell rang 14 times signifying another meal was ready.

I've got to say, cowboys and cowgirls are alive and  kicking in the great American West. Rodeos are darn-tootin' fun, and the Rocky Mountains are magnificent and awe-inspiring.   I was truly inspired by the cowboy lifestyle--cow-wrangling, guitar pickin', chink-wearing true-blue cowboys still exist and I think an essence of authentic American culture.

I see denim in the fall GirlyGirl collection.  Hmmmmm.

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