Monday, September 10, 2012

Where Am I?

So you've noticed, huh?  I've been very remiss about blogging.  Actually, I have been blogging--three times a week for almost six weeks now!  I am officially the Bee-in-the-Know for the Beehive Atlanta.  I post three times a week.  Every Monday I post Buzz Tips--business tips for indie business owners. Wednesday I feature a Beehive artist and their work in my Meet the Brood post, and, on Saturday I post the Weekend Make--a tutorial for a DIY craft for the home, yourself or your kids!  I am planning also for an Extra! Extra! post when something exciting is coming up at the Beehive.

I must say, I love it!  Next to designing and sewing, talking is one my other favorite things.  Blogging for the Beehive gives me a structured format to do just that!  And about things I love and know!
I'll continue to blog on GirlyGirl about all the exciting things related to GirlyGirl--new collections and designs, festivals, projects, my tutorials,  etc. So stay tuned!  More good stuff to come. And when you want more of what I have to gab about, come to Bee in the Know.

Thanks for being here!


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