Sunday, December 30, 2012

Crafting New Year's Resolutions

We are about to embark on a fresh new year, and as I sit and watch the fire blazing this morning, I find myself lost in thought of what I want to accomplish personally and professionally in 2013.  I'm making notes.  Designing and printing my own fabric is on top of the list.  Revamping my internet site and sales follows.  Then I think.... my kids should be doing this!  At 8 and 9 they are perfectly capable of  reflecting on their achievements and setting new goals for themselves (not just my goals for them).

Well, of course there is a blog post out there for just this task and I found it! Thank you thirtyhandmadedays. Mique came up with a downloadable sheet that kids can complete and keep to reflect on throughout the year.  It's so to the point, I plan to complete it myself and post it in my studio to look at everyday.  Happy New Year! I wish for you the blessings of health, love and happiness and the fulfillment of all your goals and aspirations.


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