Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Inspirations in Technicolor

When I was eight  I watched New York, New York , the 1949 MGM musical starring my "dream boat" Gene Kelley.  I saw American in Paris, Singing in the Rain, and Brigadoon many times over!  I decided then, when I grew up, I would marry him.  I had the very cool fortune of actually meeting Mr. Kelley when he came through Atlanta in the mid-70's, but you probably guessed, I did not marry him.  Sigh.

When I started playing with fabrics for a new collection of girly skirts I wondered if the colors I was gravitating toward were too "technicolor".  But the word made me think of Gene Kelley and the vibrant films he made that took place in magical cities all over the world (mostly Hollywood back lot studios).  But that's beside the point.

The Girl in the World Collection was born!  There will be ten featured cities on adorable, vibrant, fun skirts with an all-important pocket for collecting and keeping treasures! There will also be coordinating reversible Peter Pan collar "necklaces" that can work with any simple top!

The cities featured will include:

New York
Mexico City
There might be others ....

You'll be able to find them on my Etsy shop and at GirlyGirlProductions.net.

You can also see more about the collection as it develops on my Facebook page.

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