Friday, March 15, 2013

Too Much Inspiration!

I really don't believe one can have too much inspiration.  I feel so energized and focused when another artist's work has struck a chord in me or has inspired me to approach my work in a different way.

Canadian illustrator Helen Dardik does this for me.  Her work is whimsical, colorful, happy, quirky, energizing..... I'll stop drooling now.  Last year she created a fantastic collection for P&B Textiles called Too Muchery (now sold out). I purchased the whole collection and have finally put together pieces that I think do it justice.

The patterns are so "Helen Dardik"  with funny shapes, quirky flowers, butterflies, geometric details--very colorful.  So, the clothing pieces I designed are very simple and almost traditional in shape focusing on skirts.  I wanted the fabric to lead and the shapes of the clothing to follow.

These piece will be available on line soon at and at my Spring Trunk Show on Saturday, March 23 at the Beehive, Atlanta.

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