Friday, October 21, 2011

Candler Park Festival (part 2)-- Disturbing Flattery

So I've been debating whether to post part 2 of my Candler Park Fest experience.  It's been sitting around waiting for a few days. This retelling of my "disturbing flattery" story will be familiar to all of you fellow small business owners/designers/creators/makers/sellers who show at festivals.

It was a very happy afternoon at the Candler Park Festival this past Saturday.  I love meeting and chatting with folks, who not only come into my booth to buy, but also just to say they admire and chat with the artist.  Heck, I admire and chat more than I buy when I go to festivals... so I was very pleased to do so with this very pretty mom, transporting a toddler on her shoulders, and her 9/10 year old little girl who had a very big impressive digital camera in her hands.  (Nothing like my point and click pocket camera that suffers greatly when I try to take product pictures with it.) When I commented about it she explained she loves to take pictures and I approvingly told her it was a great skill to master at such a young age.

So her mom and I began to chat.  She asked where I bought my fabrics. We talked about a creative seminar that she had been to with Denyse Schmidt and Anna Maria Horner among others.  I was intrigued!  Wouldn't you be?  So, I asked, "So, what do you do?"  I mean, come on!  Who has the $$$$ to attend  exclusive seminars hosted by America's top fabric designers.  Really now!  She hesitated. " Really, you can tell me," I coaxed, "it's OK."

She did not tell me her name but said that her new line of children's clothing with a national retailer is coming out this week.  How cool was that!!......   At that moment I realized her daughter had been taking pictures of my stuff.  And it had not been evident but stealthily-- and they walked off.  I wasn't going to tackle and accuse a child,  and another person walked in my booth, so I didn't stop the mom.

Usually, I'm not so "dumbstruck".  Please tell me this was all my hyper-paranoia at work.  But you know, I'm going to go with my gut on this one and remember to put up a sign that reads NO PHOTOGRAPHY PLEASE (especially by cute little girls with $1000 cameras).  OK, I am over-thinking this. How does any designer/artist protect their work?  I'm done now.

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