Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sip & Stich--The Classy Clutch


The second in my series of Sip & Stitch classes was held this past Thursday evening at the Beehive.  It was SOLD OUT.  How exciting is that!  I had seven ladies who ranged from confident beginners to my friend and fellow Beehiver Jessie who is a master sewist (and creator of Bubby's Handmade).

They followed a very simple but fabulous clutch tutorial I created and made some gorgeous clutches.  My next Sip & Stitch classes at the Beehive will be held November 17--The Mod Quilted Trivet just in time for Thanksgiving, and December 15--the Modern Christmas Stocking.  Go register for the next one!

In the meantime, check out some of the very lovely clutches made at last Thursday's Sip & Stitch.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Candler Park Festival (part 2)-- Disturbing Flattery

So I've been debating whether to post part 2 of my Candler Park Fest experience.  It's been sitting around waiting for a few days. This retelling of my "disturbing flattery" story will be familiar to all of you fellow small business owners/designers/creators/makers/sellers who show at festivals.

It was a very happy afternoon at the Candler Park Festival this past Saturday.  I love meeting and chatting with folks, who not only come into my booth to buy, but also just to say they admire and chat with the artist.  Heck, I admire and chat more than I buy when I go to festivals... so I was very pleased to do so with this very pretty mom, transporting a toddler on her shoulders, and her 9/10 year old little girl who had a very big impressive digital camera in her hands.  (Nothing like my point and click pocket camera that suffers greatly when I try to take product pictures with it.) When I commented about it she explained she loves to take pictures and I approvingly told her it was a great skill to master at such a young age.

So her mom and I began to chat.  She asked where I bought my fabrics. We talked about a creative seminar that she had been to with Denyse Schmidt and Anna Maria Horner among others.  I was intrigued!  Wouldn't you be?  So, I asked, "So, what do you do?"  I mean, come on!  Who has the $$$$ to attend  exclusive seminars hosted by America's top fabric designers.  Really now!  She hesitated. " Really, you can tell me," I coaxed, "it's OK."

She did not tell me her name but said that her new line of children's clothing with a national retailer is coming out this week.  How cool was that!!......   At that moment I realized her daughter had been taking pictures of my stuff.  And it had not been evident but stealthily-- and they walked off.  I wasn't going to tackle and accuse a child,  and another person walked in my booth, so I didn't stop the mom.

Usually, I'm not so "dumbstruck".  Please tell me this was all my hyper-paranoia at work.  But you know, I'm going to go with my gut on this one and remember to put up a sign that reads NO PHOTOGRAPHY PLEASE (especially by cute little girls with $1000 cameras).  OK, I am over-thinking this. How does any designer/artist protect their work?  I'm done now.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Candler Park Festival (part 1): Hits and Misses

The Big Red Cape was a smash at the Candler Park Festival!

The Candler Park Festival in Atlanta on the 14th and 15th was two days of gorgeous, sunny, dry, 80 degree weather, lovely people, adorable kids, eclectic arts and crafts, and great music.  I've done the festival for several years, but for a second time I shared my booth space with my artist friend Shannon Goines who paints very colorful expressive animal portraits--cows, pigs, bunnies, horses, squirrels, etc.. you get my drift.  She painted a fantastic squirrel for me last year--golds and greys. Beautiful!

I introduced several new pieces for the fall line that did very well--and one style in particular that was loved--not so much. The Big Red Cape was a smash!!! The Peplum Skirt sold well, especially in the sweet grey giraffe colorway.  The  Pear Button-Up skirt was well received. The Lazy Daisy embelished cotton tops almost sold out.  But the pin-striped culottes got a resounding big ole raspberry!   Or at least that's what I swear I heard from everyone who passed right by it on the rack. Can't win them all!  I loved my culottes when I was eight.  I need to offer them to a new generation of active, stylish and girly girls. Back to the drawing board on those.

The Peplum Skirt with the giraffe print was so adorable.  

The Lazy Daisy Long Sleeve T in various colors almost sold out!