Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Prints Charming Has Arrived!

This little bird is waiting for me!

I few weeks ago I posted about the Australian dynamic print duo Cath and Kirsten at Prints Charming--I ordered their book and was waiting on it with bated breath. Well those sweet gals read my post and sent me one of their coveted project kits!  So now I am perusing through one of the best craft books I've gotten my hands on (do I sound biased?) and drooling at the sight of my kit waiting for the most opportune time to start my project--probably after all the festivals and markets--during my summer vacation.

Prints Charming is a treasure trove of 40 holiday, children's, and home projects--the photography is beautiful and abundant.  It's a wire-bound hard back that lays completely flat when open--very useful when your hands are immersed in something. My favorite chapter is the one on screen printing.  Cath and Kirsten teach the technique they use in their studio with step by step, clear and easy instructions. I am NOT an instruction manual reader--my brain truly shuts down when I am forced to read one--I learn by doing.  Don't tell me what to do--show me!  And that's what their book does. The book's instructions are written really as if they are chatting with you, providing lots of side bar tips. The piece-de-resistance is the small back pocket which includes a pattern for almost every project.  If you are like me, I trace my favorite patterns and save the originals folded nicely in their envelope.

A pocket full of patterns!

Thank you ladies for sharing your beautiful work in a beautiful book!


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