Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Teacher's Gift

My children have been so fortunate and privileged to have had some wonderful teachers so far in their early education.  This year I was room parent for my Boy Wonder's extremely organized, creative, smart and fun (and crafty) teacher.  Last week marked the end of the school year and I wanted to give her something special that would remind her of her 2010-2011 class.  So, I made her a cushion with the names of all her kids embroidered on it.

I took a  piece of cream colored linen and taped it onto a stiff cardboard--then I loitered outside the classroom for a couple of weeks collecting signatures from the kids. Each child signed their first name with a fabric pen.   I then embroidered each name in different colored thread with a simple back stitch.  I added a two inch border of a colorful Moda fabric around the signature panel and fashioned the back side of the cushion with the same fabric. I filled it with a premade pillow insert, hand stitched it closed and voila!  I loved it--she loved it.

Thank you for a great year Ms. K!

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