Monday, May 2, 2011

I Love Prints Charming

There are times when I simply wish I lived in Australia.  Specifically New South Wales--right next to the Prints Charming studio!  I've known about about Cath and Kirsten's work for several years.  They are the superbly talented team behind the screen printed fabric, studio, classes and products at Prints Charming. Using their hand printed fabrics, embroidery and quilting techniques they create some of the most unique, colorful and beautiful personal and home objects I've seen.  They also offers classes and kits, so that other lovers-of-craft can try their hand at these lovely projects too.  Their designs are fresh, bold, modern and very Australian!  I don't foresee a trip to  their studio though any time soon, so I ordered their book --Prints Charming (yes, they wrote a book as well).  I'll be happy to share with you as soon as I get it!  

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