Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Doing This, That and More of Each

When I explain to my beloved how well I multi-task, I really don't think he truly understands what that means.  Men don't do it (if at all) like women do.  Brushing my teeth with my right hand while I clean the sink, counters and mirrors (and occasionally--don't gross out on me now--the toilet--with a brush!) with my left is a brilliant example of "killing two birds with one stone". Eeeeew! FOCUS you say!

Well, I do this so that I can get through the mundane quickly and focus--on my creative projects! Those require my complete and total attention and give me such pleasure. So, the projects I have been focusing on recently, that have given me complete satisfaction are -- sewing my girlygirl's Easter frock--making custom coordinating GirlyGirl and GirlyMom skirts for Heather out of a beautiful, but, alas discontinued fabric by Dena Designs (about time I finished those)-- sewing a custom skirt for Jill ordered at the trunk show-- crafting a prototype girly-pillow for the Kirkwood Spring Fling market--adding more product to my Beehive shop--and conceptualizing currently undisclosed end-of-the-year gifts for my kids' teachers....

GirlyGirl Productions at The Beehive Atlanta

My girlygirl's Easter frock

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