Monday, April 18, 2011

Thank You Girls!

A great big thanks to all the girlygirls and girlymoms who came by the open house and trunk show on Saturday.  It was wonderful to catch up with many good friends and customers and to see the fruits of my labor loved so much!  The drawstring gored mom-skirts were a big hit. (Available on Etsy and The Beehive in the next few days.) Nataly and Nancy rocked them. (What is it about tall French-Canadian women???)  And as usual, the GirlyGirl skirts were my best sellers.

Thank you also for helping me raise an nice little sum to donate to Samaritan's  Purse.  They are doing much needed and good work in tornado-ravaged North Carolina and Japan right now.

NEXT STOP:  Kirkwood Spring Fling on May 14.   Hope to see you there.

Color and pattern-always!

Matching mom rings 

The mom skirts were a hit!  Thank you girls.

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  1. love the fabrics!! happy to hear your trunk show was a hit!! :) i can not wait to see your new items at the beehive!