Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring Studio Cleaning...Dreaming...

On Monday, after the trunk show,  I took many pieces to the Beehive and freshened up my shop there.  I'm very pleased, as it looks very bright and current! I also tore down the racks and displays in my living room and schlepped everything back down to the studio.  I stopped in my tracks in HORROR at the sight of fabric bolts upright against the walls and on the floor, scraps strewn all over, the ironing board open with iron ON (for several days), buttons strewn on the work counter and endless -- can I say endless -- pieces of thread everywhere! I could probably attach the pieces and put together a whole spool. And they have to be picked up by hand otherwise they clog my vacuum.

Before I can continue any sort of creative work, though, I have to clean the clutter, reorganize my space, and reshelve everything! My studio is "cozy", so vertical organization is critical.  I am constantly trying to reconfigure things to create better access to my materials.  So I did some research for ideas.  Well... I found some amazing pictures of what my studio would like to be when it grows up! Check out some of these and more ideas at

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