Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sewing Camp Adventures

Throughout the summer, I've been conducting a sewing camp at The Beehive Atlanta.  I've taught sewing to girls before, but this was my first fore into teaching a daily class --five days a week, three hours a day!  What fun and how educational for me.  I've fine-tuned my teaching style, honed my class format and above all sharpened my patience!! The skills the kids have taken away were three basic hand stitches, how to thread aneedle and tie a knot (no easy feat), how to thread a machine, the major parts and how the machine works, and how to make straight stitches on that machine. SIMPLE. BASIC.  With these skills they were able to complete a project that they designed themselves.

Week one was comprised of girls and boys! They made personal decorative pillows for their bed.  Week two students (all girls) made a top and then cut off jeans into shorts and embellished them with applique techniques and hand stitches and, during week three students made a lined tote.  I have been so impressed with their creativity and complete immersion into what they were doing.  I have two more camp sessions to go--the week of the 18th and the week of the 25th.  But this definitely has inspired me to teach more and perhaps to adults as well.  I'll keep you posted if that transpires.

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